Reef Walking

- Discover Hawaii's Wildlife

The Living Art Marine Center currently does not offer any Reef Walk Programs. This page is for your information only.
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New to Hawai'i? Just visiting? Or have you lived here all your life but you can never find any critters on the reef? Come with us on a guided reef walk. We will find animals that you thought were never even there! Explore Hawai'i's amazing tide pools and shallow reefs in a safe and family friendly way. Wading in up to knee deep water, our experienced naturalists and marine biologists will unlock the hidden secrets of our beautiful coastline and will show you critters you never thought existed.

Families enjoy spending time together learning about marine life. Box crabs can spit out water. SO cool! Porcupine fish have spines. Ouch!
Available Reef Walk Dates: There are no dates available. Reef Walk programs are no longer offered.

Notice: Limited availability exists for group reef walks. Please consider booking 6 to 10 months in advance.

Booking Notice: Phone reservations are accepted up to a week prior to the Reef Walk program date. Phone calls and voicemails received within one week of your program date are not processed.
Consider making an online reservation request instead.

Program Fee:

General admission: $15.00 (adult) and $20.00 (child)*
Military and Kama'aina: $10.00 (adult) and $15.00 (child)*
Reef walk rental shoes:
$5.00 per set.
* Children 4-12 years old.

Booking Information:

Registration is required.
Pre-payment with credit card over the phone is required for this program.
Amounts paid are refundable only with a 2 week notice
Amounts paid are non-refundable with notice of cancellation or group size received within 2 weeks before your program.
Online booking closes one day before the start of the program.

Ninety minute Reef Walks allow guests to wade safely in up to knee deep water.
Children must be 4 years or older to participate.
Children must be accompanied by a paying adult.

Exact location, driving directions plus handy reef walking tips will be sent to you after a reservation has been completed and about two days before your reef walk date.
Closed toe foot wear is required. Reef walk rental shoes are available when requested no later than 48 hours before program start time.

Pre-payment with credit card over the phone is required for this program. After making a reservation request, one of our staff will contact you to secure your booking.

Pics & Reviews
Explore Hawaii's shallow water marine life.
Explore Hawaii's shallow water marine life.
"This weekend, we did two events with the center - the reef walk and the squid dissection. Both were awesome! My kids had so much fun, and Vincent and Chris were very nice and incredibly knowledgeable. I highly recommend this engaging educational program to anyone, even if you don't have kids!"
-Heather B. through Facebook.
Learn about Maxilliped (and other body parts) as you dissect a jumbo shrimp.
Photo: Jennifer Carlile Dalgamouni
"At first it seemed unlikely we'd find anything, the water looked empty, but after just a few minutes we started spotting fish. (Our guides) were great. We enjoyed the reef walk tremendously!"
Experienced scientist teach you about the properties of water.
A medusa worm is a type of sea cucumber. Would you touch it?
Photo: Jennifer Carlile Dalgamouni
"I think the reef walk was very educational. We saw an eel, several sea cucumbers, a needle fish, a puffer fish, and sea urchins."
-Jasmin C. - 9 years old.
Group Reef Walking
Hosting a party? Company outing? Scout event? We have the perfect activity for you.
Discover what Hawaiian "wildlife" lives right in our own backyard. Our experienced naturalists will guide you through the shallow water reef habitat to discover animals you never thought existed.
Have you ever seen a medusa worm? Heard a snapping shrimp? Or touched a sea cucumber?
Participants in our guided reef walk are always delighted with what we find. Our program is available for adults, or families with children, both during the day and at night.
Come explore with us!

Booking Information:

Registration is required.
Group reef walks can be requested for groups 15-55 guests (i.e. birthdays, schools, scouts).
The minimum purchase is for 15 guests.
Reduced group rates apply of $8.95 per person
Advanced reservations are strongly advised.
While last minute spots may be available, we recommend to book 2 to 6 months in advance.
Children under the age of 4 are not allowed to participate.

Pics & Reviews
Is your family ready for a knee-deep sea adventure at a beach?
Is your family ready for a knee-deep sea adventure at a beach? Photo: Jennifer Carlile Dalgamouni
"As the sun fell behind Diamond Head and lit the ocean in a pink glow, we walked on the sand, exposed rocks and shallow reef with our nets, buckets and flashlights in hand. A highlight of the evening was getting to touch a Medusa worm. We all had a really fun evening, and I was surprised how many unusual creatures we caught."
- text by Honolulu Family