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Since opening in 2010, the Living Art Marine Center in Honolulu Hawaii has grown into a staple for marine science education and a local favorite for families to enjoy the beauty of the undersea world. As of 2018, the Living Art Marine Center is permanently closed. Visitations are not accepted. This page is for your reference purposes only.

We would like to take this moment to thank the community for the immense support for our education programs. Over the past 8 years, the Marine Center offered hands-on activity-based marine science programs for up to 30,000 visitors a year. With no outside funding and a very small staff, it is a testament of what can be done for marine science education and conservation. A big mahalo to our island 'ohana for the support and the wonderful years.

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Witness the beauty of Hawai‘i’s underwater ecosystem in one of our many educational exhibits with tropical fish from all over the world. With over 40 salt water aquariums housing hundreds of bright colorful tropical fish, it’s easy to see why we call the coral reef a Living Art: diverse, beautiful, priceless, and irreplaceable.
The Living Art Marine Center also features the latest in the Marine Ornamental Industry and sustainable resource management including Clownfish breeding, sustainable fish raising through Post-Larvae Capture and Culture, and a 2500 square feet Aquaponics Garden.
Whether you visit once, or once a month, there is always something new and exciting to see, make, and explore.
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Hundreds of colorful and playful fish will delight any visitor.
Friendly and knowledgeable educators will make your experience unforgettable.
Travel the Ocean
Take a journey around the tropics and discover how many different kind of fish there are around the tropical oceans and how to tell the difference between tangs, angelfish, pufferfish, butterflyfish, and wrasses.

Feature Creature 
Along the back walls of our main exhibit building, we feature some cool and groovy ocean creatures that have a story to tell. This changing exhibit can feature animals with a super long Hawaiian name (try it: Humuhumunukunukuapua'a), cool camouflage creatures like scorpion fish, or colorful introduced animals like the peacock grouper.

Post-larvae Capture and Culture 
"PCC" is a new and remarkable way to raise post-larval fish (15 to 20 days old) to juvenile or adult size with virtually no damage to the reef population. How do we do it? Learn more about the future of salt water fish raising.

Opae Ula – Hawaiian Super Shrimp 
Ever seen thousands of tiny shrimp in one big aquarium? The 'Opae Ula is an endemic shrimp found in Hawaiian brackish water ponds. This cute animal is able to adjust to different environmental conditions and it can survive in fresh, salt, and brackish water. These Hawaiian critters have even been to space when NASA took them up to the International Space Station.
Join one of our Opae Ula pet shrimp aquarium workshops or book a birthday to make your own.

Moray Eels
These often misunderstood creatures are awesome animals to observe, from a safe distance. Want to feed them yourself? Look into booking a birthday party or a fish feeding fun tour.

Discovery Zone 
Is it poky? Is it slimy? Is this a real rock? Those are just some of the questions we get asked when our visitors interact with crabs, sea stars, and other invertebrate animals at this hands-on display.

Shark Science and Sea Shell Museum
We've collected the coolest and most awesome looking shark artefacts, indigenous weapons, and shells from around the Pacific Ocean. Did you know you can catch an octopus using a hook and a shiny cowry shell? Have you ever seen a drum made from a coconut tree and shark skin?

D.I.Y. "Made in Hawai'i" Craft Center 
Have you ever tried printed a fish on a t-shirt? How about etching your name on a cowry shell? Hands-on and interactive learning is a key component at our one-of-a-kind D.I.Y. center. Check our Calendar of Events online to see when you can come to do craft activities.

Aquaponics Garden 
Aquaponics is a revolutionary system where plants, fish, bacteria, and lots of water are all involved in a sustainable cycle of life. The 1500 square feet area holds several big tilapia that provide fertilizer for a wide variety of plants such as lettuce, tomatoes, and green onion.

Gift Shop and Welcome Center
Why not visit our gift shop and take home something nice for yourself or a friend, to help you remember the good times you had among the fish? From t-shirts to unique and rare shells; we have it all! Our Welcome Center also includes some cool tanks with small critters to see for the younger explorers.

Pics & Reviews
Marine science is cool? Definitely!
Marine science is cool? Definitely!
"Favorite part was having children make their own t-shirt with adult supervision. Tour guide made learning experience fun!"
-Ruby through Yelp
"Very educational, prepared, and ready for children. Affordable class(aquaponic), and very organized! Will keep an eye out for additional opportunities and classes."
-Benjamin through Yelp
Fun for the whole family.
Fun for the whole family.
"Lots of parking, super friendly staff and a good value for Kamaaina. Seriously considering having our next Birthday party here."
-Jennifer through Yelp
"Not only were the parents impressed with all the activities, the kids had a great time. My 8 year old niece declared it the best party ever."
-Nadia through Yelp