Calendar of Events

Since opening in 2010, the Living Art Marine Center in Honolulu Hawaii has grown into a staple for marine science education and a local favorite for families to enjoy the beauty of the undersea world. As of 2018, the Living Art Marine Center is permanently closed. No programs are available. Visitations are not accepted. This page is for your reference purposes only.

There is always something fun and exciting to do at the Living Art Marine Center. Visit our Calendar of Events below and click on the program of your choice for more information as well as reservation instructions.
Interested in visiting with a group? Look into booking a group field trip, workshop, or lab class.
Reservations are required to visit the Living Art Marine Center. Please allow at least 48 hours for reservations to process.

The calendar of events has been disabled. No visits are possible.

Program Highlights
Mahalo to Na Mea Hawaii for providing us with an awesome spot for our workshops.
The Opae Ula is a little red shrimp found only in Hawaii. Learn about this amazing creature and how it adapts to survive. Mahalo to Na Mea Hawaii for providing us with an awesome spot for our workshops.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your opening hours?
The Living Art Marine Center is open every day.
However, reservations are required for almost all visits. Unfortunately, walk-ins are not offered at the moment (except on Ocean Craft Day and some special events).
Considering the high volume of requests, please place any visit requests at least 2 days in advance.

Are you open on the weekend? Are you open on Sunday?
We are open daily. Please keep in mind that a reservation is required in order to visit.
Walk-ins or visitors without reservations cannot be accommodated.

Are you open to the general public?
Yes we are! For families and individuals, we have workshops and classes available, typically on the weekends.
Group programs can be scheduled on any day any time.
Please keep in mind that due to the high volume of visitors and private programs, same-day or next-day requests may not be processed in time. Please plan ahead.
The calendar shows there is a program but when I click on the link, the date is not available. How do I book?
This usually means the program is sold out. The calendar below is updated once every two months.
Please call us if you have any questions. Some programs require reservations two days in advance.

What are your admission rates?
Rates are different for each program ranging from $5 and up. Please click on program details for information.
I don’t see any activities on certain days. Are you closed?
No, we are open daily. If you see a calendar day that is blank, this means that either all activities are sold out already or we are hosting a private program. Unfortunately, we do not allow any more people to visit on these days.
I want to make a group reservation but I see on the calendar that you are booked. How do I make a reservation?
Depending on group size, age, type of program, and time of day, we may be able to accommodate a group visit.
Please place your group request here.

Your calendar shows you are booked or there is a blank space. Can I still book a birthday?
We may be able to host a birthday for you. Please fill out a birthday request here.

Pics & Reviews
Marine science is cool? Definitely!
Fish or Squid Dissection is fun? You bet!
"We had such an awesome time at the Super Squid Dissection class! The teacher was interactive and presented the info well. He made the activity fun!"
-Jesika H. through Facebook
"Very family-friendly Enviroment where Parents and kieki can learn about marine life...good people good vibes and Aloha spirit."
-Braddah Rico through Facebook
Fun for the whole family.
Earth Day 2017 PC Honolulu Star Advertiser.
"After seeing the wonderful interactive display at Mililani Keiki Fest, we can't wait to go and experience more!"
-Suz F. through Facebook
"In my niece's own words, "I liked seeing the fishes and touching the animals. It was fun." She chose how many stars y'all deserved 😊😊😊😊"
-Courtney A. through Facebook