Adopt a Baby Fish

"Fish populations in the ocean have been decreasing dramatically due to human activities and pollution. To preserve the beauty of our corals reefs, the time to act is now."
The Living Art Marine Center proudly introduces a natural and innovative aquaculture technique; Post-larvae Capture and Culture. Post larval fish (15-20 days old) are collected from the Pacific Ocean and then raised to adulthood. Research shows that, when left in the ocean, 99% of these “baby fish” die within one month due to natural causes; only 1% of the post larvae reach adult size. By collecting and raising these tropical fish, we are able to save those that would not have survived. Post-larvae Capture and Culture is now brought into the homes and classrooms of O‘ahu’s residents through the “Adopt a Baby Fish” education program.
Adopt a Baby Fish Full Service. Baby trunk fish.

What is the Adopt a Baby Fish Program?

Always wanted to have a salt-water aquarium but don't know how to do it?
This is your chance.
Raise beautiful and colorful "baby fish" at home or in the classroom and learn about their lifecycles in this exciting new aquaculture education program.
Post-larval fish ("baby fish") are captured from around the Pacific and brought to our marine center where we raise them into juveniles or adults.
Mature fish can be used in the Marine Aquarium Trade, educational aquarium exhibits, or for restoring the balance on the coral reef.

Why the Adopt a Baby Fish Program?

The impact of catching post-larval fish versus adult fish is practically zero. Raising post-larval fish is a more sustainable and eco-friendly practice that is the new fish catching technique that provides an alternative for overfishing, coral reef destruction, and bad fishing practices such as bleaching or cyanide fishing.
Participants in the Adopt a Baby Fish (ABF) education program learn about lifecycles and fish diversity. They also learn valuable lessons on aquaculture, sustainable fish rearing, and animal husbandry. Tropical fish can also greatly enhance the look and feel of your classroom or home. Ideal for homeschooled students or youth centers.

How do I get involved?

Learn how to set-up and maintain a salt water aquarium today.
School based program run August through December and January through May (~16 weeks).

Adopt a Baby Fish is available to individuals or families all year round.
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Three packages are available for purchase:

1. Adopt a Baby Fish - Full Service
2. Adopt a Baby Fish - LITE
3. Adopt a Baby Fish - Rent-a-Fish

Questions or request? Click here or read our Adopt a Baby Fish FAQ.

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These cute little fish are amazing.
These cute little fish are amazing.
Adopt a Baby Fish - Full Service
Our most popular kid's size tropical fish aquarium is the best choice if you choose for beauty, comfort, and low maintenance. This program comes with a 13 gallon tank to own, 4 stages of filtration, lighting, pump, water flow regulator, sand, ornaments, food, free salt water pick up, 6 animals, ABF support information, aquarium handbook with set-up and care instruction. Not ready for a tank-to-own yet? Consider the Rent-a-Fish program for one school semester (~16 weeks).
ABF Full Service: $275.
ABF Rent-a-Fish: $175.
Set-up and delivery available on Oahu.
The Adopt a Baby Fish Lite program is great for a smaller budget.
The Adopt a Baby Fish Lite program is great for a smaller budget.
Adopt a Baby Fish - LITE
This smaller aquarium is ideal for people that have some experience in salt water aquarium care but don't need the size. This package comes with a 5 gallon tank, 1 filter, hang-on light, pump, sand, ornaments, food, ABF support information, and 3 animals.
ABF LITE: $95.